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One day isn’t enough for all the savings we have in store, so we decided to extend our Black Friday sale all week long!

Save BIG on our annual clearance of running and walking shoes, most popular GPS running watches and activity bands starting at $99.95, and select ellipticals at Complete Runner from Monday, November 24 through Saturday, November 29.

With limited supplies stop by early to check out the savings before it’s too late!

We also have gift cards and plenty of innovative niche running and walking tech wear, gear, and accessories for the runner or walker on your gift list this season.

Top 8 Gift Ideas for Runners or Walkers

Runner Gift Ideas

With the holidays right around the corner are you looking for gift ideas for the runner or walker on your list?  Being one of the most innovative running stores in Michigan, Complete Runner prides itself on our quality inventory of shoes, teach wear, equipment and accessories, and nutritional items that active people want!  Here is a quick list of gift ideas for the runner or walker in your life:

SmartWool tech wear is hard to keep in stock.  This isn’t surprising as it keeps runners and walkers warm, dry, odor-free, and is as comfortable as anything you are ever wore. [Learn More]

Heat generating tech wear offers innovative base layers and jackets to allow active individuals to continue their activities outside in the cold and snow. [Learn More]

SealSkinz offers amazing socks, hats, and gloves that are not only breathable but also waterproof to keep you dry in Michigan’s unpredictable weather. [Learn More]

Reflective gear and safety lights to help runners and walkers see and be seen while in the dark. [Learn More]

GPS running watch or activity band to keep track of daily progress towards goals. [Learn More]

Random items to start a new or contribute to an existing race bag to be ready for anything on race day. [Learn More]

Traction aids to keep on your feet when running in the snow and ice. [Learn More]

Last but not least…a Complete Runner gift card, which also acts as a loyalty card, when you are just not sure and want to give more options to the recipient! [Learn More]

With friendly staff who knows a thing or two about the latest trends and most innovative products, let Complete Runner help you bring smiles to your friends and family this holiday season!

Online Registration is Open for the 35th Annual Pot O’ Gold Race

Pot O Gold Run Flint MI

St. Patrick’s Day 2015 isn’t as far away as you may think.

Registration is now open for the Pot O’ Gold’s 35th Annual 4 Mile Run and Walk, March 17, 2015 in Downtown Flint, Michigan.  Highlights of the race include:

  • Every finisher gets a medal
  • Free leprechaun hat to the first 500 to register
  • After race party with great eats
  • Proceeds to the Crim Foundation
  • A great way to spend St. Patrick’s Day with your friends or family

Registration for the Pot O’ Gold race would make for a great gift for a family member, friend, or co-worker.

To learn more about the race visit

Don’t Let the Weather Slow Down Your Outdoor Activities

Waterproof Running Socks Flint Michigan

Put down your phone.  Turn off the Weather Channel and the local weather forecast.  The weather doesn’t matter anymore when planning your next outdoor fitness adventure!

The key to staying comfortable during your outdoor activities is staying dry.  Not only do you want to stay dry from your own perspiration with breathable, wicking tech wear, but you also want to stay dry from the outdoor elements of snow, slush, sleet, and rain with waterproof technology.

Socks, hats, and gloves by SealSkinz are both waterproof and breathable, the first to offer you the best of both worlds!

Now you can run or walk through the slush in your regular running shoes without worrying about getting wet feet, allowing your training to be uncompromised by the variable Michigan weather.  Better yet, your SealSkinz apparel will come equally handy when scraping the slow and ice off the windshield before work, or having an impromptu snowball fight with the kids.

Check out this video to see how SealSkins is defying the cold and the wet, and will keep you comfortable in whatever the weather decides to bring.

Two Minutes a Day to Better Stretching and Fewer Injuries

healthy stretch for runners

If you are a serious runner or walker, odds are you desire at least these two things:

1. To achieve peak performance

2. To stay healthy

Odds also are that you’ve invested a lot of time and energy into training to prepare for your upcoming races, as well as finances to pay for the races and your gear.

What if you could do a simple stretch each day to help reach your top performance while reducing the chance of injuries?  It is possible with the Healthy Stretch calf stretching wedges!

The Healthy Stretch properly positions your foot, based on your arch type, to help you achieve the perfect stretch.  Just step on the wedges and lean forward for about twenty seconds, and repeat a few times.  Designed by an orthopedic surgeon, the Healthy Stretch is a must for runners or walkers to get the benefits of stretching like you’ve never seen before.  It is also great to help treat plantar fasciitis!

Check it out for yourself the next time you come into Complete Runner.

Last Call for Run4Wine Early Registration


Do you have plans on the evening of October 9, 2014? Hundreds of runners, walkers, and beer and wine enthusiasts are signed up for the Run4Wine, and time is running out if you haven’t yet registered!

The third annual Run4Wine offers a great evening with your friends or spouse. Along with all the typical things you get from a race, Run4Wine also boasts of a unique course, amazing food buffet, craft beer, and of course, wine.

DJ Dan Richards of KCQ 98.1 will be heading up the entertainment, and don’t forget to bring some cash to purchase any wine or beer that your taste buds won’t allow you to go home without. As with last year, Nathan will also be there showcasing their line of safety and night running products, including lights and reflective gear at special pricing.

Participants will also be entered into a drawing where one lucky runner or walker will win a night on the town from Grand Blanc Motor Cars, where a driver will escort you and a spouse or friend to dinner in a Mercedes.

Proceeds benefit the Old Newsboys of Flint.

The price will jump again on October 1, so make sure to inform your friends and register today!

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See and Be Seen When Running in the Dark

Running Light

With car and runner accidents happening all too often, smart people understand that you need to be seen when running or walking in the dark.  This typically involves wearing reflective clothing, a lighted vest, blinking spurs on your shoes, or other forms of reflectors and flashing lights.  However, being seen is only half of the equation as it is just as important to see where you are running in the dark.

Unfortunately, reflectors and blinking lights won’t light up the path when running, so a flashlight or head lamp will help you to not only be seen, but also see the road ahead and where you are running.  With all the pot holes and uneven footing out there, this is essential for your safety.

The Zephyr Fire 100 Runners Flashlight is a neat light for active people, fitting conveniently in your hand with a strap to offer a good grip. Unlike a regular flashlight this light is intuitively pointed down to see the ground in front of you and a light that can be seen by cars from behind.  It also comes equipped with an emergency siren that you can push in the event of a crisis.

You don’t need to look like a construction worker anymore with a bright orange vest to be seen when running or walking at night or in the morning.  Stop by Complete Runner today to check out the many options available in reflective and light up gear, as well as specific running flashlights to help you see the road ahead.

It’s better to be safe than sorry.

5 Reasons Why You Should Invite Your Man to Participate in the Run4Wine

Run 4 Wine Grand Blanc MIThe Run4Wine started in 2012 as a fun fall race on a beautiful golf course with wine. This event was a huge success right away and continues to grow in popularity each year.

However, we’ve noticed that roughly 81% of race participants are female, meaning only 19% are male. We understand this event may be treated as a ladies night out, enjoying some fitness and fun with friends without spouses or significant others. This event could be fun for the man in your life also.

If you are up for him joining you at the Run4Wine, here are 4 compelling reasons to share with your man that he should participate in this year’s race.

1. With the majority of races being held on the road, this race is exclusively on a golf course with not only spectacular fall views but also fairly challenging, complete with a surprising uphill finish that will make anyone appreciate the craft beer and wine at the end even more!

2. Yes, you heard right…craft beer. Midland Brewing Company will be on site this year offering craft beer tasting. Cha-ching!

3. In addition to the craft beer the food buffet after the race is amazing, a reason alone for any man to participate.

4. To close the deal remind your man that he has better odds of getting in the top three in his age group since the majority of participants are female.

To sum things up, your man should participate with you in the Run4Wine because of the unique course, craft been, awesome food buffet, and a better chance of finishing at the top of his age group.

We hope to see you, and your man, for a great evening at the Run4Wine this October. To learn more about the race or to register, please visit and like Run4Wine on Facebook.

Creating Your Race Day Strategy

Race Day Strategy

Whether you are running a small 5K, the Crim 10 mile, or a marathon, you should have a race day strategy to help you achieve your specific goals. You’ve trained hard for the big day, so make sure you know what you want to accomplish and plan out the things you need to do on race day to make it happen.

First, ask yourself what your overall goal is. Do you have a time goal to beat, are you using this for a training run, or do you only want to finish the race?

Whatever your end goal, visualize yourself accomplishing this and what it will mean to you. Then, determine what needs to be done to make it a reality.

  • If you are looking to beat a time goal, what is the pace you need to run to make it happen?
  • If you are using this race as a training run, possibly for a race in the near future, what can you do to make sure not to overdo it and prevent getting injured?
  • If you are only concerned with finishing the race, how can you enjoy yourself and soak in the crowd, course entertainment, and just have fun?

In addition to what you will bring to the race, having tested all your equipment prior, and your hydration plan, you will also want to consider the following:

Know the race course. Check out the course maps online and get familiar with the mile markers and how that relates to your pace. Also know where the hills are, and how you plan to run them, as well as the location of water stations and toilets.

Don’t take off too fast. Adrenalin will cause you to run faster than you plan, especially at the beginning of a large race. Understand this and try to hold back a little at first if you feel going out too fast will cause you to burn out and slow down before the end of the race.

Run your own pace. Only one person will win the race and odds are it won’t be you. So, unless you are an elite athlete don’t worry when you get passed by someone a lot older than you, remember your goal and what you need to do.

Stick to your strategy to achieve your goals but be flexible enough to change your strategy in the moment if it makes sense to do so. You cannot control the weather, how other people run the race, or the unexpected cramps you may get (to a point). Like a vehicle uses a GPS to navigate a journey, use your race day strategy to navigate your race, and adapt accordingly to unexpected road blocks that you cannot control.

Eliminate Surprises by Test Driving New Equipment Prior to a Race

running shoes for crim race

You wouldn’t purchase a brand new race car the day before a 500 lap race, so why would you buy new running apparel at the race expo to wear at the race the next day?

That doesn’t make much sense.

We don’t want to discourage you from buying cool stuff at any race expo, but encourage you to have enough time to test out new equipment, apparel, or nutritional supplements because even a 5K is a long time to suffer if something isn’t right with your new products.

Here are a few tips when test driving the following:

Running Shoes – You should get used to new shoes in a few runs and know fairly quickly if your new shoes don’t quite fit right.

Running Tech Wear (apparel) – Should wash before you wear them (using Sport-Wash detergent if possible) and run in them to see how they feel and perform (do they chafe, etc).

Hydration – If you are training with your own special hydration formula, keep this consistent during the race as the specific race hydration may not agree well with your stomach.  Also, if you get a new water belt make sure you test it out a few times before your race to make sure you get used to its fit.

Nutrition – Don’t try a new gel or supplement on race day as you don’t know how it will specifically impact your performance. Test supplements in your training and use what works best during the race.  Your body may respond better to all natural and organic supplements but you want to make sure you test this before race day.

You’ve trained hard for your big event, so don’t risk a painful or uncomfortable race by not properly testing your new shoes, tech wear, equipment, or nutritional products.