Running Insoles Made Specifically for Running Shoes Now Available at Complete Runner

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Complete Runner strives to keep current with the latest developments in running shoe technology to offer our customers the best running products on the market.  After some research and many phone calls with the inventor we are pleased to now offer the currexSole insole by Currex, an insole made specifically for running shoes!

The insole that typically comes in a running shoe is thin and flimsy.  If you have your running shoes nearby take one of the insoles out and you will see what we are talking about.  Not much in terms of cushion or support.

There are many insoles you can purchase for your shoes.  In fact, we sell some of those here at the store.  However, these insoles may offer different types for different uses, such as active living and casual wear but not specifically for running.  In comparison, the currexSole is the only insole on the market that is specifically designed for running shoes!


The company who designed these running specific insoles was started by a sports scientist and former elite triathlon athlete.  Not only are these insoles designed specifically for running shoes, they are designed by runners.  The Currex website states:

“We are athletes and scientists and wanted to design an insole that we wear by ourselves. That means: A high-end sports instrument with excellent performance, low weight, outstanding comfort and breathability. We needed the insole so that the typical aches and pains are not turning into severe pain.”

As we mentioned we only sell the most technologically advanced and innovative products at Complete Runner, so it was a no brainer for us to start offering these insoles as they were voted the Best Running Insole by Running Fitness Magazine.

The currexSoles take into account the three major foot types including high, medium, and low arch.  All you need to do is stand on the Footdisc and it will determine your foot type and shoe size within a few seconds.  After this we will ask you to stand with your feet together so we check your leg axis for bow-legs, straight legs, or knock-knees.  Finally, our expert staff will connect the dots to determine your custom fitted insole!

footdisc thermo scan

We are extremely excited to be able to offer this innovative insole made specifically for running shoes made by and for runners.  Local runners are already noticing the big difference currexSole insoles make in their running shoes, and have shared comments such as:

“The insoles add extra comfort and support to your shoe that was lacking by the insoles that my shoes came with.” ~Michelle

“I can’t believe the difference these insoles make.  With a currexSole insole in one shoe and the regular shoe insole in the other the currexSole offers noticeably better support for my feet.”  ~Ryan

We invite you to join the satisfied local runners who use currexSole insoles for added comfort, support, and cushion in their running shoes.  Stop by Complete Runner and try the difference for yourself.

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