How Long Do Running Shoes Last?

old running shoes

Some people think a good pair of running shoes will last a year or more.  For example, let’s imagine the weekend warrior.  He or she runs in a handful of races over the summer and doesn’t rack up a lot of miles on their shoes.  When next summer arrives, they dig their running shoes out of the closet and since they still look “good” they tie them up and run the race.  However, mid-way through the race the racer’s feet start to ache and are extremely uncomfortable.  He or she passes it off, using the excuse they ache since they haven’t ran in a few months.

Sure, you will definitely ache after not running for a few months but that doesn’t mean you also don’t need a new pair of running shoes.

Curtis wrote a great article about this on I Run Flint titled When to Replace Running Shoes.  Read the article to lean how the midsoles of shoes harden over time by just sitting around or from exposure to water and other elements, and why it is important for the longevity of your running to get new running shoes.

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